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Explore Northeast States of India

Arunachal Pradesh

This is the largest state in the Northeast India. The state is full of valleys that run from the Himalayas in the north to the Brahma¬putra in the south. It is a collective of beautiful hills decorated with orchids, apple orchids and other beautiful wonders that have been nurtured naturally here. The places of tourist attraction in the state include the following.

Arunachal Pradesh

TAWANG is the most popular destination in Arunachal. The town can be reached through a 350km drive from Tezpur. Major attractions of Tawang include the Se La pass, and a 16th-century Buddhist monastery that dominates the town.

ZIRO is a small town in the heart of the Apa Tani Plateau in cen¬tral Arunachal. It's a quiet world of paddy farming, mithun herding, and spec-tacular bamboo architecture.

NAMDAPHA is a national park with elevations rang¬ing from 200m to over 4,000m. It boasts a variety of wildlife including leopards, snow leopards and tigers.

Roing – is one of the most important tourist attractions in Arunachal Pradesh with picturesque beauty along with lakes and waterfalls that are peaceful too. It is really engaging for nature lovers, archeologists and adventure enthusiast who will find the place adventurous, educative and peaceful.


This is the most easily accessible state in Northeast, with an airport and railway station at its capital Guwahati. The state is more beautiful with the presence of the Brahmaputra that has created an Aura that the tourism in Assam has flourished to. Major attractions of the state include the following -


Kaziranga National Park – is the first national park in India to be listed as a Unesco World Heritage Site. The National Park covers an area of 860 sq km predominated by grasslands. The major attractions of the park include the one-horned rhi¬no, the Royal Bengal tiger, the Asiatic elephant, the Asiatic wild buffalo, and the swamp deer.

Majuli – this is a relatively lesser known but a very attractive destination. Majuli is the world's largest river island spread over 800 sq km of forest and beach.


The state of Manipur stretches along the border with Myanmar. The Manipur valley is home to a unique version of Vaishnavite Hinduism, prac¬tised by the Meitei people. The Manipuri hills are peopled with a diverse mix of tribal cul¬tures including Nagas and Kukis. The state capital Imphal is connected by air to Delhi, Kolkata, Guwahati, Aizawl and Silchar. The nearest railhead is Dimapur, 215km away.


IMPHAL – The state capital has much to offer to the tourists including the Royal Palace and the Shri Govindaji Temple. Imphal also boosts of Ima Market, the largest women's bazaar in India. This is the best place to buy souvenir handlooms and handicrafts.

Konghampat Orchidarium is famous for the 120 species of orchid that it displays. The Orchaidarium is 12 km from the state capital.

LOKTAK is a large freshwater lakes located at a distance of 45km from of Imphal. There are floating islands in Loktak which are used by the local fishermand for water chestnuts.

UKHRUL is one of the most popular hill station in the region. The lime caves of Kangkhui are a little outside the city and definitely worth a visit.


The state has a major colonial influence which is distinctly visible. Shillong, the capital is the most famous tourist destination of Meghalaya. Other attractions of the place include Cherapunji, Garo Hills, Dabakgre, Baghmara, Balpakram National Park and others. It can be said to be one of the most engaging of the Seven sister states.


The capital is one of the most engaging places which provides ample reasons to stay here forever. It is a shopping district and has great nightlife too.


One of the rainiest places in the region and the whole of India. It also has great caves and other wonders. Do not forget to take an umbrella along.


Located a few kilometers above Shillong, the falls provides a great tourism charm and a shopping opportunity to take back some souvenirs.


Mizoram is the southernmost corner of north east India. This is probably the remotest state in the country whose name is directly derived from the Mizo tribes that are the original inhabitants here. It is a beautiful surprise that needs your tourism attention.

AIZAWL is the capital of the state and a sprawling city. The town has resemblance to Shimla which is shared by many visitors here.

TAMDIL is the largest lake of the state located at a distance of 110km from the capital.

VANTAWNG is a large waterfall (750 ft high) about 150km from Aizawl on the Lau River. PHAWNGPUI or the Blue Mountain is a 2,150 m high mountain. This is the highest peak of the state and can be accessed through treks.


Located on the border with Myanmar, Nagaland is at the easternmost extreme of the Indian subcontinent. KOHIMA, the capital of Nagaland is a good starting point for visit to the state. It's charm¬ingly tranquil and has plenty of history. The Japfu Peak & Dzukou Valley is a spectacular peak about 15 km from the city.

DIMAPUR Some of the few attractions here are, Kachari Ruins, Triple Falls and the Nagaland science center and the zoological park.

KOHIMA The capital town has many attractions and the best of them are the Commonwealth War Cemetery, a museum, zoo, sanctuary, valleys, self governed villages and much more.

Dzukou Valley and Japfu Peak Located some 25 km, the Dzukou valley and Japfu Peak offer one of the most breath taking landscapes among the nearby peaks.


Tiny Tripura is tucked away in a corner of the northeast, and surrounded by Bangladesh on three sides. It's an area of lush green moun¬tains and valleys. Jet Airways flies to Agartala from Kolkata.


NEERMAHAL & RUDRASAGAR LAKE - The Neermahal or 'water palace' lies in the middle of Rudrasagar lake, 55km south of Agartala. It was built in 1930 as a summer residence for Maharaja Sir Bikram Kishore Manikya.

UDAIPUR is the former capital of Tripura and has retained some of its old world charm. It is today an important market town sur¬rounded by paddy fields and low forested hills. The town has several famous temples.

JAMPUI HILLS is known as the land of the eternal spring. A cluster of 10 villages near the Tripura-Mizoram bor¬der, the Jampui Hills offer panoramic views of the Chittagong hills in Bangladesh. A trek in these hills is a great experience.

AGARTALA is the capital of Tripura and has a laid back attitude. The main attraction of the town is Ujjayanta Palace