Affiliated to Federation of Chambers of Commerce & Industry, North Bengal (FOCIN)

Objects of EHTTOA

The formulation of East Himalayan Region Travel and Tour operators Association comes with various guidelines which aims at protecting the general interest of tourist as well as the members of the trade. Our focus also lies on upliftment of the present day scenario to create a serene tourism environment where Tourism and its Traders can all flourism together. Here are some of the objectives that we work towards :


  • To promote integrity in tourism, welfare and harmony in trade practices.
  • To take initiatives to secure the welfare of the Tourism Trade in all respects and to assist in the development of tourism throughout India & world particularly at (North East Himalayas).
  • To communicate with Chambers of Commerce, other Mercantile and Public Bodies in India, Government Departments or Committees, Air Transport Association and various foreign and local association and corporation, companies and concerns and promote measures in the interests of the tourism providers and nominate members to act on them.
  • To encourage and promote healthy relationship among the tourism providers to safeguard the common interest of the members of the Association from the malpractice’s & other practices which can affect the tourism.
  • To set up and maintain high ethical standards as per domestic & international market prevalent with the Industry. To undertake such welfare activities which the members cannot take individually.
  • To get affiliation with similar Organization in Domestic & International market
  • To promote equal opportunity for all visitors to enjoy the Tourism & Travel facilities without distinction of Race, Color, Creed or Nationality.
  • To organize overseas promotional tours jointly with various airlines and Government of India Tourist Offices abroad and other similar Organization.
  • To conduct aiding and assisting seminars, group discussions, course of Studies, cultural meetings.
  • To assist students by scholarship to pursue higher education, study and research particularly in the field of Development of Tourism and International Brotherhood, both in India and outside the country.
  • To produce regular reports about the achievements of the members of the Association and to do all such things as are incidental or conducive to the above objects.
  • To print and publish information material for the benefit of its members.
  • To set up a complain cell and promote the same for keeping the quality of tourism intact.