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Eastern Routes

Eastern Routes

Kriya Camelia Rynjah Boyer
Lake Drive, GS Road, Opposite Green Earth Hotel, , Umsaw Nongkharai, Ri Bhoi District, 793102, RiBhoi, Meghalaya
Established on : 2015

About Eastern Routes

Eastern Routes offers an inspiring passage into the heart of north-east India. Their journeys will not only lead you into the region’s distinct geographic location, but also allow you to explore its striking topography - home to a variety of flora-fauna, avian life, and unique tribal communities. With Eastern Routes, you will walk their lands, live in their homes, relish their cuisine, celebrate their festivals, and witness a way of life that is dependent on and in unison with nature.

Services Provide

Green Partnership – Eastern Routes partners with organisations working towards sustainable development. With a strong belief that social communication encourages expression and empowers ideas, Eastern Routes works with these organisations to draw attention towards the need to preserve local communities and the environment in which they live. A voice for the voiceless – One form of animal cruelty that is abundant and that many people aren’t aware of is elephant safaris. While it seems like a harmless and cultural mode of transport, taming an elephant cannot happen without abuse. For this reason, Eastern Routes is the first travel agency in north-east India to ban elephant safaris from its tours. There is a whole lot of information on this online if you are interested to know more and want to spread the word. Join them to inspire green journeys. Say No to elephant safaris!